TV recap: The 100 season two, episode seven – Long Into an Abyss

Last time on The 100, Abby headed into the woods with Raven to track down the signal blocking Camp Jaha’s communications with the other Ark stations. Finn and Clarke got stuck together during an acid fog attack, while Octavia and Bellamy found Lincoln – who had become a reaper. And Kane and Jaha played chicken with the Grounders, with Kane winning and Jaha being beaten up and sent to tell the guys from the Ark they needed to leave.

Camp Jaha
Camp Jaha is buzzing – unsurprising considering that Jaha is back. Inside HQ, Jaha wants to leave and heed the Grounders’ warning, while Abby doesn’t want to give up on the kids left in Mount Weather. Or on Kane. Jaha is scared, because he realises that the Grounders are superior fighters, and he wants to live to fight another day.

Major Byrne drops in to tell Jaha and Abby that the people are restless and need their Chancellor to speak to them, and Jaha immediately steps forward. Here we go, are we going to have a power struggle? And is Jaha going to be able to rule down on earth the way he was on the Ark? Everything is a lot different in this world. Abby compromises, saying she and Jaha will talk to everyone together; I’m not sure how well that will work.

Abby starts diplomatically, but Jaha interrupts to say that everyone should pack and be ready to leave. He tells the people about the City of Light, which of course sounds appealing, more appealing than staying to fight Grounders. Surprise! Clarke doesn’t want to leave, but Jaha shouts her down with an inspirational speech about how they’ve all come so far, and they didn’t do that to die. He’s got a point, but he’s also got no idea.

Bellamy pops up and tells Clarke to meet him at the drop ship with a medical kit, and Finn sends her off when she hesitates.

It seems Abby doesn’t need much time to decide. By nightfall she’s come to the conclusion that the group needs to leave Camp Jaha, but she promises David (the security guard whose son is in The 47) that once they’ve found a safe spot, they’ll come back for the kids in Mount Weather. David refuses to go, and tells her that the other parents whose kids are missing are also going to stay at Camp Jaha. Abby’s lucky, Clarke is alive and (relatively) safe, but David doesn’t have that luxury. And Abby can’t see that she would react exactly the same way in David’s position.

Well, this is sort of a familiar sight – Lincoln tied up in the drop ship not willing to communicate with Bellamy, Clarke or even Octavia. It’s an exact echo of season one, and it’s unsettling for everyone.

Lincoln is a rabid dog right now, unable to do anything other than growl and try and attack. He’s super strong and manages to get free of his restraints, at which point there’s an epic fight and it looks like Lincoln might actually kill Bellamy, until Octavia knocks Lincoln out. I can’t imagine how hard it is for her to hurt the man she loves, and see him turned into a monster.

Now that Lincoln is knocked out(ish), Clarke can try getting the bullet out of his leg. Bellamy thinks once the drug is out of Lincoln’s system, he’ll be fine. Octavia heads outside to calm down, and is caught by Nyko, who has come to warn her that everyone from Camp Jaha needs to leave, because the Grounders will definitely kill them. And then Nyko finds out that Lincoln is still alive.

As a healer, Nyko is able to help Clarke and attempts to treat Lincoln’s seizure. Clarke realises in time that Nyko is trying to kill Lincoln and put him out of his misery. And then to make things worse, Finn turns up to tell the group that they need to leave, and Nyko goes a bit nuts because obviously Finn slaughtered his people. Clarke electrocutes Nyko unconscious, and then the group realise that Lincoln has stopped breathing. Clarke carries out CPR and it actually works. And something she does and something Nyko says makes Clarke realise how they can win the fight against the Grounders.

Finn tells Clarke that Lincoln won’t be the same even if he survived, because of what he’s done. Obviously, Finn is talking about himself here. For right now though, Finn is going to have to live with himself because there are more important things going on. 

Clarke heads back to camp to tell Abby that they can negotiate with the Grounders – they can tell them how to save the Grounders who have been turned in to Reapers. Jaha’s protestations are interrupted by the sight of the lights of hundreds of approaching Grounders. 

Jaha wants to leave immediately, Clarke wants to negotiate with the Commander. Abby isn’t sure either way, she doesn’t want to leave but she’s also worried that if she can’t save Lincoln, all of their negotiations with the Grounders will be for nothing. Jaha is frustrated as heck, and wants to take control of the situation – he’s getting on my nerves – and tells Abby she’s killing everyone if she doesn’t give the exodus order. Giving her an ultimatum doesn’t help, Abby refuses to give the order to leave, so Jaha tries to pull rank. He orders David and Major Byrne to arrest Abby but they refuse (I’m beginning to like Major Byrne) and instead follow Abby’s orders.

I’ll give Jaha some credit – he’s worried that the group has done so much to survive, only to now be faced with quick death. I get that he thinks he’s doing his best, but Abby’s faith in humanity and in her daughter is appealing to me, and to Major Byrne and the others.

Clarke heads to the Grounders, and meets with the Commander, who also has Indra by her side. Lexa doesn’t want to negotiate, but Clarke’s story about the Mountain Men and how she and Anya escapes is drawing her in. And Lexa finally believes Clarke when the latter offers up a token belonging to Anya.

Abby arrives at the drop ship to find Lincoln isn’t doing too well, but she’ll have to work fast because Lexa is on her way and expects to see Lincoln alive. Unfortunately, Lincoln’s heart stops again just as Lexa and Indra approach. With Nyko’s help, Abby administers CPR again, but it’s not working. Octavia takes over the CPR but it’s too late, Clarke brings Lexa in to see Lincoln die. There’s a moment where everyone looks at each other, and then each side grabs for their weapons.

Abby uses the electric shock stick to stab Lincoln, like a …machine, and it works! Not only does Lincoln wake up, he’s also Lincoln and not reaper-Lincoln, and he recognises Octavia.

Lexa is impressed, and she and Clarke seem to have come to an agreement. Lexa is happy to come to a truce, but she wants one thing – Finn. When Finn dies, the truce begins.

Mount Weather
A girl wakes up, wearing a hospital nightgown, in a flowery meadow. Is this a dream? She’s clearly not sure what’s going on, and neither are we, until a camera clues us in. It’s one of Mount Weather’s security cameras, and it identifies itself as being ‘Outside B-dock’ and showing someone called Keenan Mykulak. Is she one of The 100? Or someone from Mount Weather? If the latter, she’s not showing signs of radiation poisoning, perhaps because she’s been treated with the blood of The 100. Oops, spoke too soon. Her skin starts blistering, and creepy doctor one says she doesn’t want her brought in just in case she talks.

Cage isn’t happy. Seems he’s not as horrid as I thought. He wants Keenan to be saved, while creepy doctor one wants to carry on experimenting with the girl, even if it does mean Keenan’s death. And even if she is one of the Mountain Men.

The 47 are feeling ill and tired, and Jasper is trying to keep their spirits up. He wants them to stay alive, which means cooperating, for long enough for Clarke to come and rescue them, but the others want to escape. Jasoer’s counter argument is they should be the criminals they are and find the truth. Not sure what he means by this, don’t they know the truth already?

It seems the blood of The 47 is not enough to get the Mountain Men to the surface. But creepy doctor one isn’t unhappy – she thinks instead of taking The 47’s blood, she can take their bone marrow. Only problem is, every one of The 47 will die in the process. Cage doesn’t think his dad will go for it, but creepy doctor one wants him to try.

The 47 are up to something, with Maya clearing surveillance tapes while Monty and Jasper faff with some electronics to try and get a door open somewhere. I’m not sure where they’ve broken into, maybe Dante’s office? They hack into the computers, and find pictures of Camp Jaha, which gives them hope.

Cage and Dante head out of B-dock, and Cage takes off his mask and begins to breathe the fresh air. Dante follows suit – but aren’t they only going to last four minutes? I think Cage’s plan is to tempt his father with the outside world so he’ll be persuaded to let creepy doctor one carry out bone marrow treatments. And it totally doesn’t work, Dante wants to be outside but not at the risk of sacrificing more of his humanity and corrupting the Mountain Men even more.

It seems Jasper and co have downloaded the schematics for the whole place, but their joy is short lived when they realise Harper is missing. And of course, Harper is on a chair strapped down as creepy doctor one cuts into her hip for some bone marrow. Cage is there too – he’s worried about his father’s reaction, but not worried enough to stop this. Meanwhile Dante is upstairs staring at the flower he picked from outside, contemplating. 

Solid ground?
Let’s face it, I could spend paragraphs discussing the significance of everything in this episode (especially the prevalence and awesomeness of the women), but really this episode is all about what happens next week. And since I read a spoiler before this season even started, I’m just going to save all my comments for next week.

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