TV recap: The 100 episode 12, We Are Grounders

Last time on The 100, Clarke and Finn were kidnapped by Anya’s Grounders, before she sent Finn off to be killed after Clarke failed to save the life of a Grounder girl, and Monty disappeared while a bunch of The 100 were out trying to find Clarke and Finn. Up on the Ark, survivors included Kane and Chancellor Jaha, but things weren’t looking too good.

They might have put a temporary stop to the Grounders by blowing up a bridge, but The 100 know they can’t rest on their laurels. Bellamy’s had Raven planting land mines, and wants to continue fighting in the morning. Raven, on the other hand, is operating on a “leave no man behind” philosophy, and wants to hunts for Clarke, Finn and Monty.

Clarke’s attempt to escape the Grounders failed, and she’s back in Anya’s camp, tied up. Along comes a new, clearly evil Grounder, Tristan, who seems be Anya’s superior. He’s been sent by the Commander (your guess is as good as mine, but clearly the Grounders have a military like structure) and tells Anya that they’ll march on The 100’s camp in the morning to destroy it.

A fire signals to Anya that something called Reapers are approaching. It seems they’re an enemy of the Grounders, and Anya gives the order for Clarke to be killed, as she and her gang head off to a hiding place.

Bellamy’s trying to strategise for battle, but the latest person to guilt trip him about leaving Clarke, Finn and Monty to the Grounders is Jasper. And to make him miss Clarke even more, there’s a sick guy in camp. When Bellamy goes to get him water, Murphy steps in and suffocates him with a plastic bag. Ugh, that guy. Jasper catches the tail end of his act, and Murphy decides his only option is to take Jasper hostage in the drop ship. Like this group don’t have enough problems. Murphy locks the drop ship down and tells Bellamy, via the radios Raven made, that Jasper dies unless he gets his way.

Meanwhile, Clarke appears to still be alive, despite Anya’s orders. No surprises for guessing that actually, the Grounder in the mask ordered to kill her was Lincoln, and he also lied about killing Finn. And he set the signal fire warning about the big bad Reapers, all as part of a cunning plan to rescue Clarke and Finn. That Lincoln, he’s a good sort. 

Still, Anya knows that Clarke is alive, so the trio run into a bunch of mines to get away. This is all very Lord of the Rings. They’ve got Anya chasing them, and I’m guessing there’s nothing good awaiting them in the pitch black mines.

Octavia finds out Jasper is being held hostage, and screams at Bellamy for not doing anything. She’s wrong this time, Bellamy and Raven are working on an alternative route into the drop ship, in the hopes of staging a rescue mission. Bellamy knows Murphy really wants to hurt him, not Jasper, and offers to trade himself for Jasper. That Bellamy, he’s a good sort. Murphy accepts, and Bellamy heads into the ship, telling Octavia to make sure everyone keeps working on fortifying the camp.

In the mines, Lincoln reveals that the Reapers use the tunnels they’re in, and in answer to Finn’s question tells him and Clarke they never wan to find out what a Reaper is. I am guessing they’re cannibals, simply because in Firefly (one of my favourite programmes) there’s a bunch of cannibals called Reavers, and the names sound similar. We’ll see how good my deductive skills are later, I’m sure. Scary as it is, the situation gives Lincoln the time to bond with Clarke and Finn, and to tell them he thinks the Grounders’ actions are wrong.

Raven and Jasper find a back door into the drop ship’s engine room thing, and need to try and find the right wires to open the door from the front. What they do discover is that there is lots, and lots, of fuel in the drop ship. Enough to make a lot of bombs with.

Murphy makes Bellamy tell everyone outside the drop ship he’s fine, and then makes him tie himself up. And goodness, it took me a few seconds to realise, but Murphy has Bellamy building his own noose. Murphy makes Bellamy stand on a chair and slip the noose over his head, and then Murphy tightens it. 

Further into the mines, Clarke, Finn and Lincoln find they’re approaching a bunch of Reapers. And guess what? The Reapers are cannibals. With no way to avoid them, Lincoln says he’ll distract the Reapers, while Clarke and Finn run to their camp and warn the others about Tristan’s arrival. Lincoln tells Clarke that The 100 must leave their camp and head north to where someone he trusts can be found. A small scuffle and one dead Reaper later, and Finn and Clarke manage to escape (past the mostly dead people).

Murphy enjoys the sound of his own voice, so is talking himself into an ever more angry position, and taking his time getting round to punishing Bellamy. It’s given Raven enough time to find the wires for the door, but she makes a sound and gives herself away, causing Murphy to shoot at the floor under which she’s hiding, before kicking the bench out from under Bellamy’s feet. Jasper and Octavia run in just in time to save Bellamy, who’s spent a few seconds swinging from his noose, giving Murphy the time to get a gun and head up a higher level of the drop ship.

Clarke and Finn are out, but Finn is also freaking out from the blood on his hands from the Reaper he killed. When he stops freaking out, it’s to tell Clarke that he’s in love with her. Granted, not the best time, but if they’re all going to die, I guess it’s as good a time as any. Love confessions are cut short (not that Clarke is confessing anything but her heartbreak) when they hear an explosion.

Turns out the explosion is Murphy blowing a hole in the side of the ship to get away. The whole incident had made Bellamy realise he needs to rescue Clarke, Finn and Monty. Only he doesn’t need to, because they’re back. (Has no one noticed Raven is still under the floor of the drop ship?)

Finn wastes no time in telling Bellamy that The 100 need to leave, but Bellamy is having none of it. And so comes a rousing speech, ending in the message that the 100, being on the ground, are now Grounders. Aragon couldn’t have done it better. And goodness, Clarke is agreeing with him, wait, no she’s not. She gives a rousing speech of her own, and persuades everyone to start packing up. Turns out Clarke is the Aragorn of this group.

And finally Raven appears, shot. She’d better not die, since she’s the most kick-ass of The 100 and I need her to be part of the spin-off with Anya and Clarke where they just kick butt all day long (thanks @Chapter5Books for that suggestion).

On the Ark
They may have survived the Ark being almost blown up, but there’s still bad news for everyone up there – Chancellor Jaha announces that they have 51 hours to live. There is no way to get down to earth, there are not enough supplies to get through more than 51 hours, and the people on the Ark should just be proud of The 100, who have managed to get to earth. Jaha also says all resources will be freed so that the people on the Ark can live comfortably in their last few days. It’s all very moving, but I’m sure this can’t be the end. They’ve got to find a way to survive.

Kane isn’t ready to give up so easily, and is determined to find a way to survive, because he’s AWESOME. Meanwhile Jaha is drinking very old whiskey/scotch (didn’t pay attention to which) and watching old home videos of Wells (RIP) and Clarke. In the video Clarke and Wells are asking Jaha about how the Ark stays in the air, giving Jaha an idea. Clunky exposition, but it works.

Kane is futilely running scenarios he thinks might save the Ark when Jaha appears with his solution – use the Ark as an exodus ship. Jaha wants to launch the Ark towards the earth, and even though Sinclair says the effort will blow the Ark to pieces, Jaha thinks it’s worth trying. It’s either die in space, or die trying to get to earth.

Solid ground?
The Ark, traditionally the more boring of the two arcs in The 100, has really been coming into its own. We didn’t see much this week, but there was enough to set up for something really big next week, and I can’t wait.

On the ground, as if there wasn’t enough going on with the Grounders approaching The 100, this week the show decided to throw a whole heap of other stuff at the group. Still, Murphy’s kidnap attempt and the introduction of the Reapers really worked. The former didn’t feel rushed, and the latter was brief but still lengthy enough to scare viewers. The only thing that felt out of place was Finn’s confession to Clarke, but whatever, I guess the episode needed an emotional moment that wasn’t based around bombs or guns or hangings. We continue with the major overarching theme of sacrifice, as both Lincoln and Bellamy put themselves on the line for other members of The 100. Bellamy got out okay, I can only hope Lincoln managed it too.

And while it wasn’t mentioned much, what has happened to Monty? He’s not with the Grounders (Lincoln would have known, I’m sure), he’s not at camp – he’s just disappeared. I hope that question, among many, is answered in next week’s season finale.

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