TV recap: The 100 episode eight, Day Trip

Last time on The 100, the Ark and The 100 finally made contact, but the tidings from both sides weren’t great. Clarke managed to save Finn’s life, using torture of the handsome Grounder along the way. That handsome Grounder revealed to Octavia he can understand and speak English, changing the game for us as viewers. On the Ark, the population found out that earth is survivable, but the Council discovered that, in a Titanic-like situation, there aren’t enough ships to get everyone to earth.

The Grounder is still tied up in The 100’s drop ship, looking a tiny bit better than before. Bellamy’s keeping guard, and when one of The 100 comes up after telling various people on the Ark their children are dead, Bellamy for once does the honourable thing, and says they’re not killing the Grounder.

Meanwhile Clarke is talking to the Council, who are offering advice about how The 100 can try and survive the winter, which is apparently going to be very, very cold. Chancellor Jaha tries to appeal to Clarke to speak to her mother, but she’s having none of it.

The 100 are preparing for winter by gathering and sorting what look like nuts, and flaying squirrels. One of the previously anonymous members of the gang, a strapping young lad named Dax, goes in to talk to his mum and instead faces that security guy who persuaded Bellamy to shoot Jaha. It seems he’s now covering his back, and asks Dax to kill Bellamy in exchange for a prime job when the rest of the people on the Ark get to the ground.

Like all good brothers and sisters, Bellamy and Octavia are still fighting (how many episodes has this been now?). Unlike most siblings, the reason for their fight is that Bellamy is still holding the Grounder hostage. Octavia makes a good point – the Grounder is only dangerous because of what The 100 did to him. The Grounder looks tough, but he seems to have a heart of gold under all that tanned, muscled, tattooed skin (excuse me *fans self*).

Clarke appeals to Bellamy to come with her to find the supply store the Council has given her the coordinates too. She doesn’t want to be near Finn (he’s still recovering, and looking super cute while doing so), and Bellamy wants to get away from camp, so the two head off together, with Bellamy taking a suspiciously large amount of rations with him. Seeing them go, Dax grabs his knife and follows…

Quick to grab an opportunity, Octavia checks Bellamy is really gone and then wait until the guy guarding the Grounder steps away. She heads up to see the Grounder, and it seems she’s intent on helping him escape at some point. She clearly has feelings for him – and he clearly returns them since he tells her he’s called Lincoln – and I’m not sure it’s going to end well. Which gives me a chance to talk to about ages again. I know I addressed it a few weeks ago, but Octavia can only be 17 at most. Lincoln is clearly not 17. Clearly. In fact, he looks way, way too old for her. We’ll pretend, for the sake of sanity, that he’s no older than 25.

Raven is confronted by Octavia over her part in the torture of Lincoln, but Raven is sticking to her guns, even when Octavia taunts her by telling her Finn has feelings for Clarke. Raven usually wouldn’t be one to take this kind of thing lying down, but this time she chooses to. Sort of. She heads back to Finn and seduces him. The encounter is sort of romantic and hot, but mostly really, really sad, because Finn tries to confess to sleeping with Clarke, and Raven tells him she knows. Awkward.

Clarke and Bellamy are “bonding” during their walk in the woods. It’s not going well – Clarke is hopeful that Jaha will pardon Bellamy for shooting him, Bellamy is not so sure. Clarke finds a door – just in time, because Dax was getting ready to pounce on Bellamy and kill him. Our intrepid leaders head into the bunker with only lamplight for illumination. Romantic (by The 100‘s standards). The bunker isn’t as fruitful as the pair hope, as supplies have mainly gone. And then Bellamy finds an oil barrel full of guns. Because what The 100 need, after torturing Lincoln, is to get their hands on real weapons.

At camp, Monty and Jasper, who had been sorting nuts for ration packs, seem to be incredibly high. Jasper heads outside and starts hallucinating, but thankfully Octavia puts two and two together, comforting him and realising that it’s the nuts that have hallucinatory properties. We think Octavia’s being nice, but she uses the problem to her advantage, giving a supply of nuts to Lincoln’s guard and waiting for him to get high.

Bellamy’s happy to have found the guns – and he’s eating nuts, which I’m sure will come back to haunt him later. He tells Clarke she needs to learn how to use a gun, and DID YOU SEE THAT? Did you see the look on his face when he was behind Clarke? He clearly has realised he likes her – yay!

And then Bellamy drops a bombshell. He’s not going back to camp, he’s going to run away. He figures Jaha will kill him when the people from the Ark get to earth, and since Octavia hates him there’s no point sticking around. The confrontation between Clarke and Bellamy doesn’t go well, so Bellamy heads outside for fresh air, and sees Jaha in front of him. Yep, that would be the nuts making him hallucinate. Fake Jaha basically says out loud all the things Bellamy has been dreading hearing.

In the bunker, Clarke is also high, probably for the first time in her life. She sees herself back in her cell on The Ark, and then her dad appears. Fake dad comforts Clarke, giving her the parental support she’s been craving. But even high, Clarke realises what she’s seeing isn’t real, although it doesn’t stop Clarke and fake dad talking about Clarke’s argument with her mum, and whether or not Clarke should forgive her. And then fake dad turns into the very real Dax, who knocks Clarke out.

Now that the whole camp (bar Finn and Raven) is high, Octavia takes the opportunity to break Lincoln out of his shackles and help him out of camp. And just before he escapes, Lincoln kisses Octavia. Guh. It goes from hot to funny fast, as we see Raven trying to keep Monty calm by telling him he’s “the most beautiful broom in a broom closet of brooms” (winning line of the series so far). Heh. And Finn is chucking all the rest of the nuts in the fire and comforting weepy, high girls when he spots Lincoln making his way out of camp. Pacifist that he is, Finn nods his head at him and just lets him go.

In the forest, Bellamy’s fake Jaha has been joined by the hundreds of people who died on the Ark after Bellamy destroyed the radio. He might have been tough up to now, but it’s clear that the deaths of the 300 people on the Ark has been haunting Bellamy for a while. He begs for death, but fake Jaha tells Bellamy (while beating him up) that he has to fight back, and earn his life. And then Bellamy wakes up to find Dax standing over him. As he points a gun at Bellamy, Clarke comes out of nowhere and points a gun at Dax, and we have a stand off. Bellamy comes to his senses as shots are fired, and manages to beat Dax up, before stabbing him in the neck. One more to add to Bellamy’s death count, but this one was entirely justified and in self defence.

And finally, finally, Clarke and Bellamy really bond. Bellamy spills his heart out to Clark, telling her he’s a monster. Clarke tells Bellamy she needs him, that all of The 100 do. She tells him she forgives him, and her words seem to get through. Bellamy has a lesson for Clarke too – she needs to face her mum. Making my heart happy, Clarke and Bellamy finish their chat by sitting in silence together, and just being.

The camp discovers Lincoln has disappeared, just in time for Bellamy and Clarke to reappear, with their sack full of guns. Training starts the next morning, but before that there’s enough time for Bellamy to reach out to his sister, who isn’t quite ready to forgive him just yet, although she is softening. And Bellamy faces another of his fears by talking to Jaha, with Clarke by his side. Bellamy uses his bargaining chip – if Jaha pardons him, Bellamy will tell him who gave the kill order.

Having bonded with Bellamy, Clarke is now a bit more reluctant to listen to Finn, who tries to persuade her guns aren’t the answer. Finn tells her she’s leading them down a dangerous road and that she should have spoken to him first, and in a perfect comeback Clarke tells Finn there’s a lot he should have spoken to her about. Burn.

On the Ark
Not many scenes on the Ark this week, but the few that there are prove crucial. We see a brief glimpse of Diana and Jaha having a disagreement, and then revisit the Ark towards the end to see Kane arrest the guard who ordered Bellamy to kill Jaha.

And then, AND THEN, Diana vists that guard in his jail cell and gets one of her cronies to kill him. Woah. I knew she was bad from the moment I saw her.

Solid ground?
On the Ark, this week’s episode succinctly moved the game up a notch, and into more dangerous territory as we learnt of Diana’s plan to off Jaha, while the same happened on the ground. With the hallucinations and the fact that most of the characters spent the entire time on screen high, this week’s episode could have been ridiculous. Instead, we got some really lovely moments, which helped bring characters previously apart together in a meaningful way. For me this episode was about Clarke and Bellamy bonding, and anytime my ship is happy (relatively speaking) I’m happy.

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