Reading challenge 2014

I’m a few days late with this, but it’s time to announce my reading challenge for 2014. After successfully tackling non-fiction in 2013 (12 months=12 books), I’ve decided to continue expanding my reading horizons, so this year my challenge will focus on… poetry.

I’ve read hardly any poetry since leaving university, and even then everything I read was required for my course.

I’m not going to make this year’s challenge too rigid, so, for 2014, I plan to read a number of works by a different poet each month. That’s 12 poets over the course of the year, and while I won’t be strict on how many poems I read, I will stick more closely to a timeline – meaning you’ll find one post a month (rather than a flurry in December) talking about a different poet.

If you’ve got any suggestions of poets for me to try, please let me know, and also tell me about what reading challenges you’re setting yourselves in 2014.

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