Book review: Seeking Crystal by Joss Stirling

The third book in Joss Stirling’s soulfinder series, Seeking Crystal could all too easily be extremely predictable. Luckily, it’s not.

Crystal’s family are all brilliant savants. The runt of the litter, her powers extend to finding lost keys and the like. Things only become worse when on a trip to America Crystal’s sister Diamond bumps into her soulfinder – Trace Benedict of the legendary Benedicts.

Resigned to living in the shadows of everyone, Crystal heads back to Italy to try and carve out a career as a costume designer. But with Diamond and Trace’s impending wedding, Crystal not only finds herself constantly annoyed by Trace’s younger brother Xav, she also encounters dark forces that are intent on revenge.

Seeking Crystal is a great YA novel, with a little bit of everything – mystery, intrigue, romance, danger and good old teenage angsting all thrown into the mix.

I loved Crystal – she was really relatable, perhaps because of her lack of savant activities, which meant she seemed more “normal” than Stirling’s other characters. And the relationship between Crystal and Xav was interesting to watch, developing steadily throughout the book before exploding. 

With this being the third book in the soulfinder series, the Benedict family now seem like familiar friends, and Sky from Finding Sky and Phoenix from Stealing Phoenix also make appearances. The continuity helps ground the novel, and make it more enjoyable.

Stirling produces likeable characters (including a mega-famous film star) and an intriguing plot in Seeking Crystal. A great read, this is the sort of YA novel you pick up when you want something quick and easy to fill the time.

How I got this book: Borrowed from the library

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