My week in books (#11)

My week in books is a feature where I share things I’ve found interesting from the past week that concern books, literature and all things book blogging.

I did something a few weeks ago when Seamus Heaney passed away. Since then his publishers, Faber & Faber, have set up a website here, collecting tributes, memories and more.
Two of the best books I’ve read this year have been Cinder and Scarlett by Marissa Meyer, and I’m hugely excited about Cress, which comes out early next year. Here‘s an interview with Meyer, where she talks a little bit about what we should expect in Cress, as well as other things.

Also speaking this week was Andy Serkis, who talked about The Bone Season film. have an interview here.

As well as being a lover of books, I’m also a bit of a spelling, grammar and punctuation nerd, so I loved these mugs, which are both funny and helpful. For those who prefer their literary gifts to have a bit more flair, here is a gorgeous book-inspired Kate Spade scarf (there’s more available in this range).

And finally, if you’re hungry, don’t look at this Tumblr post, which is a collection of images of meals from literature (think Heidi’s cheese on toast).

Have you found anything interesting this week to share?

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  1. Trish Hannon says:

    Haha – love that mug!

    And thanks for the link to the Seamus Heaney site. I'm off now to explore, I was a huge fan and he is a big loss to the literary world.


  2. Indeed he is. The site's got some lovely tributes on it.



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