My week in books (#10)

My week in books is a feature where I share things I’ve found interesting from the past week that concern books, literature and all things book blogging.

Last time I did one of these I mentioned Roald Dahl Day, which was earlier this month. There’s a great Pinterest page here, with pictures of the Dahl inspired lunches people made to celebrate Roald Dahl Day. Brilliant.

One of my favourite authors is Neil Gaiman, who recently released Fortunately, The Milk… (great book with lovely illustrations, go read it if you haven’t already). To celebrate, his publishers Bloomsbury asked people to put together videos raising a glass of milk, which you can find here. There are some inventive and funny ones in there.

This next one is technically not to do with books, but it is to do with writing, so I figured I could include it. Huffington Post did a round up of punctuation marks we no longer use, which you can find here. I’m a geek, so this really fascinated me.

I saw a trailer for The Book Thief recently, and it looks amazing. Here‘s a piece from Hollywood about how the book was turned into a film. And here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it…

Here‘s a piece from The Guardian about a previously unknown Ian McEwan short story being discovered.

It may have been a week since news that the Man Booker Prize was going international was released, but people are still talking about. Here‘s a piece from The Atlantic about how the decision is a good thing.

And finally, I know nothing about Tone Almhjell’s The Twistrose Key, apart from that it has a beautiful website, here.

What have you found over the past week that you’ve enjoyed?

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