My week in books (#9)

My week in books is a feature where I share things I’ve found interesting from the past week that concern books, literature and all things book blogging.

Roald Dahl Day was this week, celebrating the work of one of the best children’s authors ever. Here, Huffington Post put together a list of 10 fantastic quotes from his work (and you can read my favourite moment from Dahl’s work here). And you can test your Roald Dahl knowledge in this quiz from The Guardian. Let me know how many you get (I got nine out of 10).

Another one from the Huffington Post, here‘s a list of the nine most sympathetic villains from literature.

This collection of images by Simon and Schuester on Buzzfeed is one of the cutest things I’ve seen recently. It’s 15 types of reader, as told by cats and dogs.

To celebrate the end of New York Fashion Week, Flavorwire compiled a list of the most stylish people in literature, which you can find here.

Geek Girl by Holly Smale is on my list to read. For those of you who have already read it, here‘s an extract from the next novel, Model Misfit.

The League of Extraordinary Writers had a post from Marissa Meyer this week on her top 10 cyborg upgrades, which you can find here.

What have you seen this week that’s caught your attention? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I wish I knew about Roald Dahl day before. I would have read a bunch of his books :/ – love the You are not alone Matilda quote.
    Ha! My mom's the “Not Even Trying To Stay Awake” Reader” I'm the emotionally invested reader for sure. That was awesome <3
    I found out a couple of days ago that there is a new HP type of movie coming out on The Fantastic Beasts and Where You Find Them or something like that. Great post!


  2. You don't need a special occasion to read a Roald Dahl book!

    When I was at uni and studying Great Expectations, I was definitely the Not Even Trying to Stay Awake Reader.

    I've heard about the Harry Pottery film, but not sure what I think about it.

    Thanks for visiting.



  3. Thanks for bringing some of these things to my attention. I didn't even know about Roald Dahl.


  4. No worries, I hope you enjoy. Come back and tell me what type of reader you are!



  5. DMS says:

    I love Roald Dahl and was obsessed with his books when I was a kid. I read them all back to back and then over again. 🙂 I missed his “day” but still plan to share it with my 5th grade students tomorrow- as I am sure some of them are fans too!

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  6. Roald Dahl is one of those authors who appeals to all ages of reader, so I'm sure you'll have a great lesson tomorrow. I wish I had had the chance to discuss his work at school when I was younger.



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