San Diego Comic Con – top five moments

If I got a pound for every time I thought or said “I wish I could go to Comic Con” I’d be a millionaire by now.

Alas, between Thursday, July 18 and Sunday, July 21 I had to sit at home and watch the goings on at Comic Con through my social media. For those who also missed out, here’s a round up of my best bits.

Veronica Mars
Yes, we’re absolutely going to start here. Ever since seeing the trailer for the Veronica Mars film that was shown at Comic Con, I’ve been mainlining the television series in preparation. I thought my love for Veronica Mars had diminished, but the obsession has come back. I should never have forgotten, my relationship with Veronica Mars was epic, one for the ages.

Thor: The Dark World
I love superhero films, but I’m actually not a huge Thor nerd. That all changed when Loki took to the stage at Comic Con during the Marvel panel when they were discussing Thor: The Dark World. This was probably my favourite thing that happened, I love how into Comic Con all the actors and writers and directors are, they seem to love it as much as the fans.

Brave New Warriors
What a great idea for a panel – bring together everyone’s favourite male heroes from the small screen (although next time, get some kick arse women for the panel too, okay Comic Con?). I watched this for Kit Harrington from Game of Thrones and Matt Smith from Doctor Who, but there’s plenty of other stuff to enjoy.

Game of Thrones
I can never get enough Game of Thrones, so this of course goes in the list.

This is the one everyone’s talking about, and of course it’s big – Batman and Superman in the same film. Woah.

EDIT: I’d like to add in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode trailer and the Sherlock footage, but I haven’t seen it and can’t find it online. Boo.
What were your favourite Comic Con moments?

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