Book review: The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is my go-to author for when I want to read something easy, well-written and with a happy ending.

The Perfect Hope, therefore, was the perfect book to read during the cold winter days when the other book I was in the midst of was non-fiction – Kate Adie’s Into Danger.

The third book in the Inn at BoonsBoro trilogy, The Perfect Hope is the story of inn manager Hope Beaumont and Ryder Montgomery, the last single Montgomery brother, the family the series revolves around.

It’s not a spoiler to say that Hope and Ryder get together – this is a book by Roberts, whose specialty is romance, and she doesn’t tend to keep her characters away from each other with false angst and contrived situations.

Rather than a will-they-won’t-they over the main couple, it’s all the relationships that make the whole interesting, like other books by the author. Hope’s friendship with Clare Brewster (whose story with Beckett Montgomery was the subject of the trilogy’s first book) and Avery MacTavish (whose story with Owen Montgomery was the subject of the second – which I haven’t read) is the kind of friendship we all aspire to. The relationship between the three Montgomery brothers is realistic – teasing, competitive, sometimes tense, but always full of brotherly love and respect.

And the Inn at BoonsBoro trilogy also contains another Roberts’ specialty – a supernatural element. Here it’s a ghost who haunts the Inn, who is searching for her lost love with the help of Hope et al. It’s a nice element to add a bit of depth to the tale.

The Perfect Hope isn’t scholarly reading but that’s no bad thing as it does the job of a good book – takes you into another world and makes you forget the troubles of this one for a little while.

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