Reading challenge 2013

In 2012 I set myself a challenge of reading and blogging about one book every two weeks.

I managed to read and blog about 24 books instead of the required 26 – although the reviews didn’t come every two weeks and there was a flurry of them at the end. Surprisingly, the reading wasn’t the hard part, the blogging was. 

It’s now time to set myself a challenge for 2013.

I don’t read much non-fiction, yet my bookshelf contains many, many non-fiction books I’ve bought with the intention of immersing myself in them.

So this year, I will try and read 12 non-fiction books. It’s a tall order, since among those on my shelf waiting to be read are autobiographies by Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton – the former’s book clocks in at a whopping 957 pages, plus picture pages, acknowledgements and an index. By comparison, Hilary’s is JUST 539 pages.

Bill Clinton’s autobiography taking up masses up of room on my bookshelf.

So yes, that’s my reading challenge for the year. And if you’ve got any non-fiction books you think I should read, let me know.

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