Glee season four recap/review masterpost

All Glee season four recap/reviews in one handy place.
Episode one – The New Rachel
Forget the new Rachel, this is the new Glee – more grown up, more sophisticated, but still knows how to have fun.

Episode two – Britney 2.0
Oh Glee, you really are back aren’t you? After an excellent start last week, this episode was really up and down in the quality stakes.
Episode three – Makeover
Makeover. It’s an interesting concept. We make ourselves over every morning when we put on make up or do our hair or select an outfit. We make ourselves over when we meet new people, hoping to offer them the best impression of us. And we sometimes make ourselves over when we start somewhere new, hoping to be what we want to be instead of what we are.

Episode four – The Break Up 
Oh Glee, why do you stomp on my heart? And why do you do it in such a messy, disorganised, frustrating way?
Episode five – The Role You Were Born to Play
It’s been five weeks since Glee was last on our screens, and I’ve missed it.
Episode six – Glease
“This is just another one of your ill-conceived, bizarrely sentimental schemes and displays absolutely no forethought and appears immediately ridiculous to everyone in America except you.”
Episode seven – Dynamic Duets
I loved, loved, loved (most of) this episode of GleeDynamic Duets.
Episode eight – Thanksgiving
Hello old New Directioners, this Thanksgiving (yes, I know it was last week) I’m thankful that you’ve come back to Glee.
Episode nine – Swan Song
This episode of Glee may have been called Swan Song, but perhaps a more appropriate title would have Crossroads, because that’s where we found ourselves.
Episode 10 – Glee, Actually
Glee, Actually was a combination of completely bonkers moments alongside stunningly touching ones, and it totally worked for me.

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