Questions I have about Glee

There aren’t many episodes left to the third season of Glee, and then it’s all change as half the characters graduate from school. Still, Glee is always changing, and sometimes not intentionally. 

Because of all those changes, I have a lot of questions for the creators of Glee regarding this season and the past two. Answers to the following on a postcard please.

  • Why did you get rid of Lauren Zizes? She was amazing.
  • Where is Sugar Motta? 
  • Where is Rory Flanaghan?
  • In what world are people still in school allowed to go on an exchange to a school in another country, and then stay the whole year? University yes, school no.
  • What happened to the leg braces Coach Bieste gave to Artie for Christmas? Is he using them? 
  • Where is Coach Bieste? Is she still with Cooter Menkins?
  • How is it Will got a job as a Spanish teacher when he can’t speak Spanish?
  • Will we ever see Ricky Martin’s character again?
  • How can McKinley’s glee club afford all those fancy lights and costumes, when previously they couldn’t even afford the right type of transport to get Artie to a competition?
  • Why is there not more of Jesse St James?
  • Where have Shelby and Beth gone? Do Quinn and Puck still see their daughter?
  • How did Principal Figgins ever become a principal? Please enlighten me to the qualities that would make someone see him as principal material.
  • Why can’t April Rhodes come back to Glee? I love her.
  • Why did the Warblers not do anything when Blaine was hurt? I thought they were his friends. Does joining New Directions mean you suddenly only talk to people in New Directions and no one else?
  • Why has Tina not had a proper storyline this season?
  • Can Bryan Ryan come back for an episode?
  • How does Kurt afford all his clothes?
  • Why does no one in New Directions, apart from Puck, seem to have a weekend/after school job?
  • Is Sam still living with the Hudmels? Can we see this please?
  • Do people in New Directions ever do homework?
  • Will we ever see Blaine’s parents?
  • Why is there a complete lack of parental supervision for everyone? Apart from Kurt has anyone got parents that aren’t scheming to make sure they don’t marry their loved one/mean about their chances of succeeding as a dancer/completely absent?

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