Glee season three recap/review masterpost

All Glee season three recap/reviews in one handy place.

Episode one – The Purple Piano Project
“Wait, are you working on a time machine too?”
Episode two – I Am Unicorn
So, before getting to the less important stuff in the episode (storyline, characters, songs, themes), let’s discuss the most pressing issue of all – what on earth was Blaine wearing in his first scene?!
Episode three – Asian F
Asian F was an episode about expectations – those you have others, that others have of you, that you have of yourself.
Episode four – Pot O’ Gold
It’s safe to say Glee crammed a lot into Pot O’ Gold, its first episode back after hiatus.
Episode five – The First Time
“You take my breath away.”
Episode six – Mash Off
Finn deserved it.
Episode seven – I Kissed A Girl
“Rule wisely. Rule fabulously.”

Episode eight – Hold on to Sixteen
Hold on to Sixteen is another solid episode from Glee (one of the best of the season, and, dare I say it, among the best ever), and I’m almost ready to start believing that the show will consistently get back to its season one glory. Am I cursing it by saying that?

So, this episode of Glee was weird, wasn’t it?
Episode 10 – Yes/No
Let me just say it, the star of this episode was Helen Mirren. What’s that I hear you say? Helen Mirren in Glee? Why yes, Mirren stars as Becky’s inner voice – a genius concept. 

Episode 11 – Michael 

This highly anticipated episode was called Michael, which I personally believe was a shortened version of its working title – Let’s see how many Michael Jackson songs we can cram into one episode.
Episode 12 – The Spanish Teacher
One of the writers of Glee – I can’t remember which – has been quoted as saying this middle block of episodes in season three are all about fun.
Episode 13 – Heart
The Valentine’s Day special of Glee was an episode about tolerance, acceptance, and most importantly, love. Was it also an episode about religion? Maybe, but I think it was more an episode about faith, in yourself, in each other, in doing the right thing, and, if that’s what you believe, in God.
Episode 14 – On My Way
Glee is a bit like the nursery rhyme about the little girl with the curl in her hair – when it’s bad, it’s horrid, but when it’s good, it’s very, very good.
Episode 15 – Big Brother
Hello Glee. It’s been a while, so I feel like we need to greet each other once again. Luckily there are now no more hiatuses planned, so there will only be goodbyes. But let’s not dwell on that quite yet.

Episode 16 – Saturday Night Glee-ver
Sometimes I feel like Glee should be renamed The Rachel Berry Show, and this was one of those weeks.

Episode 17 – Dance with Somebody
Letting go is difficult, and that’s what this episode was really about. What it wasn’t about was leaving.

Episode 18 – Choke
Heartbreaking. That’s the word that sums up this episode of Glee. Heartbreaking.

Episode 19 – Prom-asaurus
Glee is getting ready to wind down. There are only a few more episodes left until the end of the season, and then everything will change, with more than half the characters graduating. Who knows what will happen after.

Episode 20 – Props
Glee has spent a lot of this season letting real life bleed into fiction, whether it’s mixing in hints of what its real life actors are doing in real life (Chris Colfer writes a screenplay=Burt suggests Kurt write a screenplay) or bringing an actor’s real life skills into the show (Chord Overstreet is famous for impressions=Sam doing a lot of impressions since he returned to Glee).

Episode 21 – Nationals 
Okay, I’ll admit it, I may be crying a little bit. This episode was really emotional, and it’s not even the end. Who knows what a mess I’ll be after the season finale. 

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